Working and Laughing…

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We got to visit another Work Camp this week near Washington D.C. with our friends from the Arlington Diocese. And it was another amazing time!

We had a little trouble getting there with some delayed flights, but we made it and it was a great night!

I’m still a little concerned about that group from Leesburg. They’re a long way from normal, but to us that’s a good thing.

We wandered a bit trying to figure out some of the suggestions. We had Cupid connecting people at Target when it was really just a garbage man wearing a robot helmet and a bib.

And then there was the Os-pig that sneezed diamonds. Enough said there, right?

And how about the Peanut Butter Jar Vacuum Sealer? Nice work on that one!

You guys were a ton of fun! We’d love to laugh with you again. And we’d love for you to share what your favorite parts of the night were…

One thought on “Working and Laughing…

  1. If Jef & Emily ever break up I will cry in my bed for 3 days straight. This is not a joke. I’ve wcehatd his proposal speech about 10 times. He promised that “what he’s about to ask her is a forever thing.” If he lies, I cries. Those quesadilla’s look YUM and so sorry about the cast! I bet he feels kinda tough though, right?

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