Big Laughs Warm Up Cold Wasilla!

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Talk about your once in a lifetime opportunity. We had the privilege of traveling to Alaska AND we got to spend time with the fine people of Young Life in the Mat-Su Valley!

When we left the Girls Getaway Cruise in South Florida it was 80 degrees. When we landed a couple days later in Anchorage it was -11! What a transition!

But that didn’t stop us from having a great time. And the hospitality from all of you was amazing!

We took the time to drive out to a glacier and then we discovered some great burgers at RW’s near Palmer. We’re always in search of a good burger and this one didn’t disappoint.

The turnout at the show was great! A big crowd of all ages came out for some laughs and you brought some energy with you!

Your creativity ranged from Piggly Wiggly to a pony walking on it’s tail early in the show. And after you got warmed up we wandered into the Jello Gnome and the Flame Throwing Trumpet.

I loved Mike’s impersonation of toilet paper. And that suggestion of the Butler Convention was one of the best of all time!

After the show we got in some quality Jasper time. We even completed some long distance Jasper. Good times!

Honestly, this trip is about the coldest I’ve ever been, but I would come back in a heartbeat! I love the work Young Life has done and is now doing in the Mat-Su Valley. And we feel blessed to be a small part of it.

So, when do we get to do this again??!!

2 thoughts on “Big Laughs Warm Up Cold Wasilla!

  1. You know I love love love Scott, Lisa and the entire Blue Moon falimy!! They were so wonderful to me while I was on their DT for four years, I couldn’t ask for better ‘bosses’!! I love them!!!!

    1. I’m so happy that my boss let me have the day off for this. I almost didn’t atentd and it was my first MP3 Experiment with my friend. It was fun looking around the island, since we were there 2 hrs early, and trying to spot others who were trying to be incognito. I only saw a few water guns (less than 5), and heard one group talking about the shower caps. The biggest giveaway for me were the white sheets being used for groups resting under trees before the event began.When it started, I had it downloaded on my Android phone and was 30-45 seconds behind everyone else until I manually synced up well enough. There was one fan who was walking around, trying to figure out what was going on. I remember her passing me and calling out to friends, Something is happening, but no one’s telling me anything! Then everyone laid down and she seemed even more stumped. It was great.The following of fans was great too. There weren’t many, but I saw a group having a picnic and they got into it, doing jumping jacks and dancing, with people mimicking them. The worst was the high fiving. It was hard to find others the further we migrated onto the field when most people were at the outside perimeter.The ghost walk was amusing, and lifting the sheet canopy as Steve assured us it wasn’t raining (and the sky opened up) was perfect timing. The water gun fight was wonderful too! It was a blast.I think the best part was the after effect. Smiles everywhere! I saw people playing instruments and starting conga lines. A woman standing poised in a shower cap, with her water gun at the ready, and a small board where she wrote Victory!’ as her friend took photos. People were even rolling down the hill in their bed sheets. It was so much fun and I hope more friends join me next year!

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