321 Improv loves Texas!

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The summer is going well here in Texas. Lots of great people and tons of great laughs!

We’re in the middle of some quality time here at the Lakeview Baptist Assembly in Lone Star, Texas for NETxtreme Camps. We’ve really been enjoying the music of Luminate and the great bible teaching of Pat Cammarata. We’ve already met some great friends and the hospitality of the people at Lakeview is amazing!

We also took a quick day out of our time here to head over to Lubbock Christian University and the Encounter Camp. Students were gathered there from 10 states and all over Texas. The suggestions were crazy and the laughs were plenty!

We appreciate all of your kind comments on Facebook and Twitter and we look forward to laughing with many of you during our fall tour, Laugh With a Purpose, which is booking up quickly for October and November.

Enjoy your summer and keep on laughing!

8 thoughts on “321 Improv loves Texas!

  1. Texas misses 321! We had a blast getting to know you guys! Thank you for always making us laugh! It was a privilege to serve our Savior alongside your group at NETXtreme. Hope to see you all soon! :)

      1. I miss NETxtreme too! I miss my soccer/catch “aDoraball” buddy! :) Mafia isn’t as fun without Mike’s speeches and Mr. Carl the Mayor! Hope to see you guys there next summer!

    1. How stressful, MaryLea! The site looks great as alywas and I’m sure I echo the sentiments of your other followers when I say that we welcome any changes you make. Speaking of blog design, I really need to refresh my site too. Someday. Not today, though. :)

    2. This was my third MP3 Experiment and I had so much fun! I was as sick as a dog (I never really unstrdeood that expression, but I digress) but my friend and I managed to drag ourselves from NJ to Brooklyn and took the ferry from there. It was a very crowded trip but the ferry workers were very good at keeping the line moving, and we made it in no time! In my experience, it’s best to leave yourself a great deal of time just in case. No need to even add the pressure of being late. We got to the island at about 1 30 and made sure to sit in the shade and drink plenty of water. It was great being early anyhow, because we got to sit and chat with some nearby participants, one who came all the way from Virginia and another family from Syracuse with the three most adorable children. I didn’t see them again, but I hope they all had fun!! My favorite part of the MP3 experiment is definitely having a shared experience with 4,000 other people who are just as eager to have fun as we are! It was a super smooth journey leading up to a spectacularly fun experience! Can’t wait for next year! Thanks Charlie and IE!

  2. I was at the lone star camp and y’all were so funny with the spam factory in disneyworld and the I stole your donut and what would you do for a Klondak bar and then chuck Norris and a rubber chicken and Mickey mouse ears!mike is a really good volleyball player

    1. Hi MaryLea,I love your blog! It’s the first blog I ever read and follow flfuhitaly. I would hate to see it go away. My daughters and I have had many a fun afternoons crafting away at your wonderful ideas. Best of luck with your new blog! Everything looks so fresh and new! Keep up the great work!~Amy

  3. Ohhh….I did blog housecleaning a coulpe of months ago and I can tell you it was an expirience! I’m glad it is done and it looks great! I know that all your hear work will pay off too! Its wonderful when everything is tidy and in place! Good Luck with your party planning! I am deep into planning a pink lego party at the moment for my daughter who will 7! It doesn take some time to get all those personal touches doesnt it? And you have TWO! I cant wait to see how they turn out! Happy Planning!

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