25th Anniversary of the Youth Rally in Ocean City!

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It was a great weekend in Ocean City and we really enjoyed our time with all of you.

Our friends from Leeland did a great job as always and Reggie was his usual amazing self. And we feel like we have a bunch of new friends from all over Pennsylvania, Maryland and the great state of Delaware.

I’m so glad that penquin was there in the front row all weekend. It was comforting to see his constant presence.

And he inspired what was probably the best suggestion of the weekend when the penguin stole the bananas and killed the cat.

Although Disney on the roof of the hospital was pretty good too.

I also really enjoyed it when the security guard just lifted Wyatt onto the stage for us. That was fantastic!

We played a lot of Jasper this weekend! And some of you caught on very quickly!

Thanx for welcoming us into the 25th anniversary like we were part of the family. We had a wonderful time!

We should all laugh together again sometime!

2 thoughts on “25th Anniversary of the Youth Rally in Ocean City!

  1. Such fantastic goals, Julie! I too like to sit down each month and write out my goals + I also love doing mini-goals each week, ralley helps keep me focused. And oh man, more dates, Martin & I are SO working on that one… we just did one last week and it was awesome! Hope your week is off to a great start! xo

  2. What a great trip you are on! What mountain did the guys climb? Looks like an aamizng view! Oh, and to weigh in on an upstate NY point of view, “You get what you get and you don’t get upset!” However you say it, the kids get the point! I’m hosting a link party today and would love if you would stop by. We’re talking about favorite iPad/iPod apps in the classroom!

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