Video: What Is 321 Improv?

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5 thoughts on “Video: What Is 321 Improv?

      1. I agree with alot of the things you said eplsciaely the borrowing & not returning thing. I also can’t stand when someone tells me a time to be ready or that they want to meet up-and they are totally late. Don’t say it, if you don’t mean it!!! so DISRESPECTFUL.I just want to add that I am new to following people on youtube and I think that you are so pretty (& not just for a darkskinned person) and I love how passionate you are about the stuff you believe in.

    1. Diva this was so funny and so true! I also do not like people toucihng my hair, usually they say is that all yours!! Another thing I do not like is being asked, Why do you wear those high heels? . My daughter and I were shopping in our sky high heels and we were asked that question. Being polite, we just smiled. However, my daughter said that if she is asked again why she wears high heels, then her response will be, WHY NOT!! Cheryl

  1. well now I am officially a inaagtramsholic. for seriousness. my favorite thing about it, is that even late night giggling pics with my littles can be made into something so beautiful when this tired mama looks anything but;) love these ideas!! thanks!

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