We love the good people of Oklahoma!

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Tonight our crazy schedule took us to the crazy people at Ray of Hope Church in Oklahoma.

We played our favorite pre-show game, Juggling Ball Horse, and we got to meet Switch the Beat, the dance team that opened the night.

You guys needed no warm up starting right off with suggestions like a kangaroo with Bieber hair. Nice!

I think my favorite suggestion was the guy who came out of Michael Jackson’s belly button. That was fantastic!

Thank you for bringing so much energy to our show. We definitely feed off that and it made it a fun night for everyone.

We even got to finish off our time with you by playing a little Jasper!

We can’t wait to come back to Oklahoma!

One thought on “We love the good people of Oklahoma!

  1. I have a question- I tried to make the inragastm/blurb book that you had the special on over the weekend, but kept coming up with 2 errors, 1. it wanted the book to be 59 pages, and I couldn’t figure out how to decrease the number- so for a November book, would they be two page spreads, or is there a way? 2. I couldn’t get it to stop ‘slurping’ and let me choose the photos I wanted from the get-go, so I had to keep deleting the photos they added to place my choices on the pages…..am I doing something wrong?

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