Virginia Work Camp

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What a great way to wrap up a busy June for us! All of you in Virginia who gathered this week for Work Camp are an amazing group of people!

It was great not only to laugh with all of you, but also to get to meet so many of you after the show.

We appreciate you letting us join you for an evening. And we applaud you for all your work and service to the community during the week of Work Camp!

We can’t wait to hear from you and hopefully laugh with you again in the future.

Keep up the great work!

13 thoughts on “Virginia Work Camp

  1. that was the funniest commedy show ive seen in my entire life. it was clean original and spontanious ( im not sure if i spelled that right…) but that was a really great show!!

    1. a really nice idea. soemmites I “forget” an old music-CD on a bench somewhere, with a little note “give away”…or one time I ve let an InstyleI had finished reading. But I ve never found a surprise for myself ;o) Wish you a happy day, cute texas girl!

    1. So beautiful- I’ve been fowlilong Vanessa Mooney for sometime, and can’t wait to get some jewelry from her as soon as I get grooved in here in LA!My name is: Heather McNownMy email is:

    1. I hope i dont’ freak you out by the fact that i spend hours at your blog- i’m partly triyng to avoid thesis writing and also partly very taken by and very impressed with your life-story. hats off to you..and keep up the good work.Me: Good that I provided the entertainment and break. Thanks for the compliments and waves hello..

    1. Hey lovely! I just stulmbed onto your cute blog and gladly added myself to your followers! I’d love to have ya stop by and be my blog friend too! Also I’ll leave the link to a huge Betsey Johnson Giveaway I’m having, just in case you’re interested:)Hope to see you there, and thanks so much lady!Xo, Emily

    1. just like to say, I love your blog! I especially enyeojd your posts about your visit to London, it was really great to have a new perspective on the amazing city that I live in :-). Keep up the good work! xx

  2. My own wife and I fell over here by a poles apart trap forward also contemplated I’d personally restraint points unconscious. I like exactly what I envision i really am located absolutely charting you. Look forward to eceaeaeagkcfdaae

  3. your five are my five….love your little ciutes (and that yellow trunk), Justin Bieber has been my secret boyfriend for a few years now, love those slips, have one and need more, did you repin that HOH sign from me? love it, too, and my hubby is a cyclist, but sorta fefuses to attach that trailer to the back of his bike.

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