It’s always good to laugh!

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What a great weekend! One of the things I love about what we get to do is the variety of events we get to be part of.

This weekend we started out in St. Petersburg, Florida at a volunteer event for a great church called Bridgepoint. It was an amazing night of honoring the people who make sure everything gets done.

You guys are doing some amazing things at Bridgepoint. It was great to get a little glimpse of what’s happening there!

Then it was on to Rochester, Minnesota to see our friends at Hearts at Home. What a great organization serving women all over the country!

I’m here to tell you there’s something about women’s conferences. There’s just an energy there that doesn’t exist everywhere. And it was so much fun to meet so many of you after the show. Thank you for taking the time to come talk to us!

And we got to finish up the weekend in the Louisville area with the students of Crestwood Baptist Church. Great speaking, great music and impressive hospitality!

My favorite thing about an event like this one is the opportunity to sit with students and participate in a worship experience. And then to see so many students give their life to Christ just puts the whole thing over the top. We are truly blessed to be able to witness God working like that.

So three very different settings, but in all three the opportunity to meet great people, laugh until it hurts and have a great conversation about true joy from Jesus Christ versus temporary happiness that we find as we wander through life.

Thank you to everyone who laughed with us this weekend. We love meeting new people and after laughing like that together, we consider all of you friends.

Hopefully we’ll get to laugh together again some time soon!

3 thoughts on “It’s always good to laugh!

  1. my daughter wants her ears pceired so badly!! she just turned 10, so i guess she’s old enough to take care of them! oh the bachellorette? i don’t care for jeff, and i’m not sure that i really even “like” any of them. not a one of them is as cute as brad was….i don’t know. maybe one of them will grow on me!

    1. I came here after hearing your story on TAL.I am now ofalficliy inspired. With any luck there will soon be a website detailing similar exploits happening down here in Atlanta.Thanks for making the world more fun. You guys ROCK! Keep it up!

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