Girlst Getaway 2012 !!

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It never changes. You get a large group of women away from their families, set out to sea on a big cruise ship, and you have the makings of an incredible time!

The Girls Getaway Cruise was full of a lot of laughs, great food, great friendships and more amazing food!

We got to hang out with some old friends who we’ve done events with in the past like Jimmy Needham and Harris III, and we also got to meet some new friends like Chonda Pierce. And we’re holding Chonda to that "let’s tour together" idea!

But it really didn’t matter where you were or who you were hanging out with the laughs were plentiful! We even got some laughs out of Matt’s mom!

From the Hat Parade to the Talent-less Competition, you guys really demonstrated some gifts!

Well I hope by now you’ve all made it home safely! We look forward to hearing from you and laughing with you as we travel around the map this year.

We thank all of you ladies and the fine people of Premier for letting us be part of the fun on the Girls Getaway Cruise 2012!

2 thoughts on “Girlst Getaway 2012 !!

  1. I so can not wait either for the new Wet-N-Wild to open. That kind of csolneos so close to home is going to be Awesome (in my singing voice).Double score on the Discovery Children’s Museum! Vegas is rockin some hot spots for the family and I’m so excited now.

  2. I am very late to this party, but it’s the perfect idea for the very non-traditional weniddg quilt I want to make my friends are river rafters, wildlife guides, foodies . . . blues and greens and grays and bits of red and orange. I’ve been thinking about how to do a very modern double weniddg ring ,. . . I think this will be more of a double curved horizon.thanks Denise

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